eRBooks successfully runs on

more than 500 vessels

eRBooks is considered one of the most user friendly and robust tools which covers the A to Z of record keeping operations on vessels, digitizing the entire system. eRBooks has brought huge efficiencies in our daily work.

Pradeep Bajpai

Head of Fleet Management Tomini Shipping

Very user friendly and saves a lot of time. eRBooks app on the iPad is a step ahead in mobility and user friendliness.

Dhirendra Kumar Nahak

Chief Engineer Flora Schulte

Very easy to use, the eRBooks simplifies the system with a single entry, as well as giving an immediate visual indication of last reported tank condition, ensuring no missed operations.

Capt. Nikolai Pokazii

Master of LPG VEGA SUN

eRBooks is easier and simpler than paper record books and is also time saving.

Capt. Anand Dube

Master – MV Ore China

The pros of using eRBooks are:

  1. Saves time.
  2. Fewer errors are allowed when filling any log.
  3. Ability to quickly monitor all records.

Ruslan Vornyk

Chief Engineer LPG VEGA SUN

Huge advantage of eRBooks, that system is paperless.

Capt. Valeriy Bendovsky


We have been using eRBooks for almost 6 months. All operations are meticulously recorded in electronic form.

Capt. Taha Shamsher

Master – MV MSC Antigua

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“eRBooks solutions saves time, helps in
minimzing errors”

Anirudhan Koonumare
Chief Engineer – BSM

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